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Suction Cup Line

*Solid Rubber Vulcanized Friction Pads
*Replaceable Press-in Bottom Seals
*Available with most popular air fitting sizes.
*Available in ANY height for ANY machine.

Support Narrow, Fragile Regions

Blick Industries' supports are developed to support narrow, difficult to hold regions of workpieces such as front edges on sink bowl hole cut outs.

*** Due to the small surface area of narrow supports, they do not provide large holding forces. For this reason, supports should always be used in conjuction with larger suction cups. They are meant to provide vertical support and vibration resistance when there is no room for a conventional suction cup.***

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Suction Cup Line

Sink Rail Support

Prevent Sink Rail Breakage

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Suction Cup Line
Core Drill Supports
Our new core drill supports prevent blow out, allowing you to safely core drill all the way through workpieces.

The drill supports have a pre-calibrated sacrificial pad that is easily changed by the customer.

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