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Suction Cups
Suction Cup Line
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The Suction Cups have:
*Superior holding larger base
*Modular Construction
*Custom sizes & shapes
*For ALL CNC and Manual Machines

Suction Cups: Solutions for your Holding Problems

Blick Industries' suction cups have a modular construction which allows for easy replacement of friction pads and seals as well as wornout or damaged parts, thus, extending the life of the item and lowering the effective cost. Superior holding power is provided by larger base unit equal in size to top area of suction cup.

Round Suction Cups
    Round Cups
            Retractable Cup
             Swivel Cup
Sink Cup
Sink Suction Cups

Replacement Seals
Replacement Seal Videos

Bottom Seal - Black Seal Replacement
Time: 01:02

Bottom Seal - Orange Seal Replacement
Time: 00:58
      Top Seal Replacement
                     Time: 00:57
Warranty Information  

Our products that contain a rubber pad come with a lifetime warranty! If the pad delaminates for reasons other than damage we will replace the pad free! We will also waive the $10 service charge as long as no other damage has been done to the cup/clamp.

IMPORTANT NOTE:The cups/clamps need to be fully assembled when sent back to us. If there is any damage to the cup(i.e. damaged suction cup top, base) we cannot waive the $10 service charge. Additionally, you will be charged for replacement air fittings, top and bottom seals unless the customer specifies otherwise.

If you have any questions regarding the warranty and repair procedure/pricing please call (949)499-5026


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