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Clamps are used to hold workpieces that are either too small or have regions that are too delicate to be held by vacuum alone. All of our clamps have a mechanical or pneumatic clamping jaw that is coupled to a large vacuum base. The jaw securely grips smaller parts while the large vacuum base holds firm to your machines' table.

Mechanical Clamps

  • Manually activated by a socket head cap screw and an allen wrench.
  • Requires one vacuum line to hold down the base.
  • Robust and affordable solution.

Edge Clamps
  • Mounts on all Blick suction cups and supports.
  • Gives extra support for sink rails.
  • Non-marking.
Strip Clamp
  • Edge and polish thin strips of material from all sides.
  • Can be made at ANY height ANY machine.

Vise Cup
  • Allows material to be stacked on your table side by side and then calibrated and polished at one time.
  • Allows material such as backsplashes to be stacked on edge for polishing or to hold block material in place during carving operations.
  • Non-marking, high friction rubber pad.

Pneumatic Clamps

  • Automatically activated by compressed air.
  • Excellent for repetitive production jobs where quick part loading and unloading is important.
  • Requires 2 compressed air lines and one vacuum line.

Back Splash Clamp System

  • Specialized clamping system for making back splashes and other narrow parts such as moldings, window sills and thresholds on your CNC machine.
  • Requires 2 compressed air lines and one vacuum line.

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