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Backsplash Clamp System

The Backsplash Clamp System was developed to allow long narrow pieces, such as backsplashes, to be easily worked on a standard CNC machine taking advantage of the full range of CNC tooling.


The system consists of a series of alternating vacuum based pneumatic clamping units and suction cups. The clamping units provide the necessary downward pressure to securely hold the work while the suction cups support the work between clamps and prevent vibration. Various combinations of clamping units and suction cups can be used to accomodate work pieces of different lengths. The pneumatic clamping units can be actuated automatically by the CNC's air system, or manually with an air switch.

  • Pneumatic clamps each provide up to 700lbs of clamping force.
  • Solid rubber vulcanized friction pads promote superior holding. (Guaranteed not to delaminate)
  • Easily adjusts for different widths.
  • Replaceable press-in seals (No Glue!).

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